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Anyone can nominate a Canada Gairdner awardee. Review our guides below, take a look at the FAQs and submit your nomination through our online nomination portal.

Nomination Guidelines by Award

International Award Guidelines EN / FR / ZH-CN

Global Health Award Guidelines EN / FR / ES / PT /  AR 

Momentum Award Guidelines EN /FR

Nomination Tips and Recommendations

Nomination Tips and Recommendations


The person I’m considering has probably been nominated already, right?

Not necessarily. Sometimes the most obvious candidates are missed, or may not be obvious to others. While existing nominations are fully confidential, if you have any questions about a potential candidate, please contact nominations@gairdner.org.

What if I want to nominate two or more people together?

Where eligible, make them each an individual nomination file and then list them together under potential co-nominations. This can be done by one nominator or with separate nominators for each of them. You can duplicate nomination materials across the two files as appropriate.

Joint nominations are permitted for the International and Global Health Awards, but not the Momentum Award.

Do I have to nominate those included in the Potential Co-Nominees section?

It is not required, but for full consideration of your candidate, we encourage you to reach out to others who may be able to submit necessary co-nominees. Having these names and files is very valuable to the adjudication process.

Who should write support letters?

Select people who know the field and the work of the candidate well and will be able to explain why this candidate stands out. Having variety in your support letter writers (home institutions, organizations, areas of impact, countries) shows us the reach and depth of your candidate’s accomplishments.

Should I focus on letters from past Gairdner winners, or recipients of other significant prizes (e.g. Nobel)?

The quality of the letter’s content is the most important factor.

How many letters of support do we need?

At least two letters of support. We now have an upward limit of 8, but we emphasize that quality is much more important than quantity. A large number of generic letters of support with no unique insights make the review process more difficult rather than strengthening your nomination.

Can I nominate or write letters of support for more than one person?


Can I submit a letter directly to you rather than via a nominator?

Yes. Support letters can be sent directly to nominations@gairdner.org Make sure to include the nominee and nominator information in the body of your email. Word documents or PDFs are both suitable.

Can I update a nomination submitted in the last five years?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. Every year when the portal is open for new nominations (mid-April -October 1), past nominators can access their entries and make additions or changes.

My International Award/Global Health Award nomination has been put on a two year rest after five years of consideration, but there has been a major breakthrough/development that should be considered as soon as possible. Is there anything I can do?

Contact nominations@gairdner.org directly regarding the development with a short description and rationale for urgent reconsideration. Exceptions can be made at the Foundation’s discretion.

My International Award/Global Health Award nomination has completed its two year rest after five years of consideration. How do I go about resubmitting it for a new five year term?

Please submit a new, up-to-date nomination package for your nominee with recent letters, supporting information and biographical details.

The Canada Gairdner Awards

The foundation of the Canada Gairdner Awards program is the recognition of scientific excellence globally, in fulfillment of Founder James A. Gairdner’s mission to recognize those who “through unselfish devotion of their time and effort, have been successful in making major contributions through research to the conquest of disease and the relief of human suffering.”

In striving to award scientific excellence and to inspire those who follow, Gairdner embraces diverse perspectives in research and encourages the nomination of outstanding scientists, whatever their background. We invite the community to join us in this effort by nominating outstanding scientists of diverse backgrounds, including those underrepresented in scientific awards and in the research community at large, based on the quality and impact of their research. Throughout all activities associated with the Canada Gairdner Awards program and associated Canadian and Global outreach programs, Gairdner strives to engage and promote the active participation of individuals of diverse backgrounds and abilities.


Nominations for 2023 are due by 11:59 pm PDT on  October 1, 2022.

This is a strict deadline. Nominations received after this date will be considered the following year.