Embassy Receptions Honour Canada Gairdner Winners



Close to 100 guests attended a reception given by Consul General Denis Stevens in Seattle on May 21 in honour of King Holmes, recipient of the 2013 Canada Gairdner Global Health Award.

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2013 Canada Gairdner Award Recipients

The Canada Gairdner International Awards are honouring three areas of research.

Harvey J. Alter and Daniel W. Bradley received the award for their contributions to the discovery and isolation of the hepatitis C virus. Michael Houghton, University of Alberta was also selected but declined to receive the award. For more on the discovery of hepatitis C, click here for the commentary of Dr. Gary Levy at the 2013 Announcement.Stephen Joseph Elledge is being honoured for his work in DNA repair, and Sir Gregory Winter is honoured for creating synthetic human antibodies. For commentary on Dr. Elledge's discovery from the Announcement, click here.Dr. King K. Holmes was selected for the Canada Gairdner Global Health Award for his work on defining and treating HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The Canada Gairdner Wightman Award selection is Dr. James C. Hogg for his research and leadership in the field of Chronic Respiratory Diseases.

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Watch Gairdner.org for the 2013 winners!



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Outstanding Lecture by Dr. Sydney Brenner (Gairdner 1978/1991)


Sydney Brenner (Gairdner 1978 /1991, and Nobel 2002), addressed 500 University of Toronto students on Tuesday, January 15 at McLeod  Auditorium.

His talk, “Reading the Human Genome”, described how to analyse the genome, lessons from our evolutionary past, and the rate at which the genome can change.

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Director L. Jacques Ménard Appointed as Companion to the Order of Canada

On December 30, 2012  Governor General David Johnston announced that Gairdner Director L. Jacques Ménard has been appointed as a Companion to the Order of Canada "for his achievements as a leader in Canada’s business community, and for his engagement in social causes and his philanthropy."


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Medicine: A Glimpse of the Future

A Royal Canadian Institute- Gairdner Foundation  Lecture by:

Robert Roberts, MD, FRCPC, MACC, FRSM, President and CEO, University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Professor of Medicine and Director, Ruddy Canadian Cardiovascular Genetics Centre

Where: McLeod Auditorium, 1 King’s College Circle, University of Toronto

When: Sunday, January 13, 2012  3:00 pm


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Genomics: The Power and the Promise

Governor General David Johnson, Patron of the Gairdner Foundation, met with two of the keynote speakers from Genomics: The Power and the Promise, a two day symposium held this week in Ottawa.

Pictured L-R: Lois Claxton (Senior Advisor to the Governor General), Pierre Meulien (President, Genome Canada, Stephen Mayfield (Director, San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology, University of San Diego), His Excellency, David Johnston, Phillip Sharp (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) , John Dirks (President, The Gairdner Foundation), Dale Patterson (Vice-President, Genome Canada)

Over 350 people registered to attend the conference. Leading scientists from Canada, the US, Europe and Australia presented a broad update on the state of genomics 10 years after the first sequencing of the human genome.

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Gairdner Presents...

Gairdner is partnering with Genome Canada for a once in a decade conference entitled Genomics: The Power and the Promise to be held in Ottawa November 27-28. The two-day meeting features some of the  leading scientists in the field such as Eric Lander and Phillip Sharp (MIT respectively), Svante Paabo (Max Plank Institute) and Stephen Mayfield (University of California San Diego).

Full information is available at genomicspowerandpromise.cvent.com

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Gairdner and the Future of Science

On October 24, 350 high school students attended a lecture at York University given by 2012 Canada Gairdner Award recipient Dr. Michael Rosbash of Brandeis University.

Canada Gairdner winners spoke at 15 other universities across Canada during the last two week in October.  Overall, more than 2500 students had the opportunity to hear some of the world’s leading scientists talk about their lives as biomedical researchers.

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Canada Gairdner Recipients Celebrated

The annual Canada Gairdner Awards dinner honoured the recipients of the five International Awards, the Global Health Award, and the Wightman Award on Thursday, October 25 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

Pictured L to R: Michael Young (The Rockefeller University), Tom Jessell (Columbia University), Jeffrey Ravetch (The Rockefeller University), Lorne Babiuk (University of Alberta), Michael Rosbash (Brandeis University), Brian Greenwood (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) and Jeff Hall (Brandeis University).

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