Gairdner attends International Summit on Human Gene Editing

Our President and Scientific Director, Dr. John Dirks was privileged to attend the International Summit on Gene Editing in Washington, D.C. on December 1st.  This summit was developed in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, The Royal Society, U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the U.S. National Academy of Medicine. The event features pertinent discussions on gene editing such as CRISPR-Cas9, with the intention of bringing stakeholders together to understand the current state along with having discussions about its impact on society and future policy decisions.

Dr. Victor Dzau, a member of our Board of Directors and President of the U.S. National Academy of Medicine, shared opening remarks on December 1st and our 2015 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award laureate, Dr. Janet Rossant spoke on December 2nd in a panel talking about ‘Applications of Gene Editing Technology: Basic Research.’


Sessions are being live webcast at: and are worth tuning in!